What's going on with Fuzzy and Birch TV?

Updated 3 months ago by Jenni

Algorithm changes? Platform updates? You got this.

Learn how to build a bulletproof handmade business that can always weather the storm.

Fuzzy and Birch TV is FILMING NOW.

We've already made 10+ brand new videos, and plan to launch with over 50 😊

Based on customer feedback, you guys want Fuzzy and Birch TV to be MORE than just Etsy -- you want to learn how to go BEYOND Etsy and create a bigger business that's here to stay.

In the case of some of you, you don't even want to sell a product at all. You want to sell a service or create a business more like mine (with a blog, YouTube channel, etc).

So we scrapped our original ideas and starting adding ALL NEW ONES in order to teach you how to kill it ONLINE -- not just on Etsy.

Think of it as "Netflix for Creative Entreprenuers".

As a result of this change, I had to push the launch date BACK a bit...F+B TV was scheduled to launch in October 2018, but now we're creating a new batch of videos for all you lovely peeps who want to GO BEYOND ETSY.

So currently, it looks like F+B TV will be launching in DECEMBER or JANUARY 2018.

Yup, we know...it sucks. But we don't want to open this product with just a FEW videos -- I want you to get LOTS of stuff, (that you can use IMMEDIATELY to make a big difference!) so that's why the launch date changed 😊

Wanna get on the WAITLIST? You can do that right here.

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