Can I get a Shop Critique?

Updated 2 months ago by Jenni

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I’ve given 1000s of shop critiques in my time as a blogger. I used to literally tell people the EXACT steps needed to create full-time income in mere months, but you know what happened?

1 out of 100 people would actually DO something about it.

So before you go asking me for free stuff that could CHANGE your life forever, let me ask you this:

If I tell you the tricks that have literally made me 6 figures, would you commit to doing them, for REAL?

I don’t mean reading them and thinking “oh that’s a good idea. I’ll get to it eventually”.

I mean dropping everything in your life and realizing this business could be EVERYTHING to you and your family. I mean actually committing to several hours of work each day, even when you don’t see an immediate difference. (Some tactics take MONTHS to work).

If that’s you, and you’ve read this far, then you’ve earned a place in my free Etsy Shop Critique Challenge.

And don’t forget: All Subscriber Tribe members get access to the premium community, where you can get unlimited shop critiques from other sellers.

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