Why do you Curse on your Blog?

Updated 5 months ago by Jenni

Because I am my 100% unfiltered self with you. I don’t believe in “fake it to make it”, and as a human being, I’m a bit rough around the edges. I don’t hide that from my readers.

I know some people won’t like it. But here’s the thing:

I see literally HUNDREDS of Etsy shops every single day. Do I like all of them? Nope, sure don’t. But I don’t judge you or what you do. It’s my job to help you MAKE IT WORK.

It’s NOT my job to judge you, and you deserve to do what makes you happy.

But it IS my job to see the beauty in EVERY shop, EVERY seller, and learn to appreciate all the work you put in, because it makes you a truly amazing person. (With a pretty damn cool biz).

The simple truth is this: there is an audience out there for EVERY Etsy shop. And in the same vein, there’s an audience out there for every blogger. I’m not for everyone, and I don’t try to be.

So all I ask is that you give me room to be me. Because I will always give you room to be you!

Still Don't Understand Why I Curse?

I am 100% MY TRUE self in my articles and emails. Please remember that it takes A LOT for a woman to curse (and basically be her entire self) in an online business...ESPECIALLY when men are doing the exact same thing and getting literally NO kickback for it.

I'm making strides forward for ALL female business owners by REFUSING to censor myself. Both you and I DESERVE to be our true selves, even if it doesn't look the way it's "SUPPOSED TO".

If you want to learn more about why I curse on my blog (and how much criticism I take for doing exactly what my male colleagues get away with), please feel free to read more here:

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