Now isn't a good time - can I enroll later?

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SO…If now “isn’t a good time” here’s a little something I learned back when I started my Etsy biz:

It’s NEVER going to look perfect. It’s never going to FEEL like “the right time”.

Just like there are never perfect opportunities to move. Or have kids. Or change everything that sucks in your life.

Shit is always going to be a bit messy.

You can dream about “THE DAY” everything’s perfect…or the day when the stars align, glitter rains down from the sky, and a plane sky writes the words, “today is the day!”

I don’t know about you, but in my 30+ years, I’ve never once had a day that I KNEW was “the day”.

And it’s pretty safe to assume — if it hasn’t happened yet, that day is never coming.

You have to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Yourself.

Just like that time you were home alone and a giant spider came down from the ceiling…

There’s no one here to help you but you!

⇡ LOL. #ResponsibleForMe, giant spider edition ⇡

When I started my business 4 years ago, my anxiety was worse than it had ever been. I was about 101lbs (aka terrified of choking on all my food), constantly worried that I was going to die, and I could turn literally anything into a full-blown panic attack.

Things like driving, travel, and even grocery shopping were my greatest adversaries.

I remember telling my therapist that I WISHED my anxiety only bothered me every hour, or every minute. Those 59 seconds of freedom would be such amazing relief from what I was actually experiencing…I’d literally cherish every second.

Yes, I started a business in that mental state.


Because my problems weren’t going anywhere.

Back then, I didn’t know that my anxiety would get better. I didn’t know that everything would be ok… In fact, I was pretty damn sure it WASN’T going to be ok.

But I KNEW that I had to do SOMETHING.

So I took my anxiety-ridden brain, and I used it to create an Etsy shop. Now it’s four years later, and I spent the last 3 years working for myself from home.

I’m made a higher yearly salary than I ever thought possible.

I’ve grown my business (and income!) every single year.

But when I got started, it DEFINITELY wasn’t a good time for me. Looking back, I had to create that time and space MYSELF.

How did we do?