When can I expect to make money?

Updated 7 months ago by Jenni

Let me ask you this…

If I told you that you’ll get results in 2 weeks, would you believe me? How about 6 weeks?

Kinda feels about as fake as self tanner…doesn’t it??

That’s because deep down, you already know that despite what the Internet says…Everyone is different. Your shop is special. You have your own version of #THESTRUGGLEISREAL.

When it comes to results on Etsy, One size does not fit all.

Why? Well, we all start at different levels. Some people have amazing photography skills but no concept of marketing…Other people have a brain for strategy and absolutely no clue about branding.

And that stuff DOES effect your time to results.

For example, if you need to spend two weeks getting your photos right, then that needs to happen before you can move forward. We’re stuck there until that task gets done.

And since everyone is different, some people whiz past each challenge and get results super fast (like in three months!)

But other people take their time, learn things fully, and move from task to task very deliberately.

Not to mention, sometimes life kicks in and we lose a week here or there.

All those things will contribute to how long it takes YOU to get results.

But as long as you’re willing to do the work, you’ll see results sooner rather than later!

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