I want to collaborate

Updated 7 months ago by Jenni

Cool! Sounds good to me. Here’s how I usually collaborate:

  • I am available for podcast interviews
  • I am always looking for experts to feature in the Subscriber Tribe (this is a video interview)
  • I often write guest posts about all things Etsy or blogging for online sellers

If you’d like to work together, I collaborate with other bloggers that have the following:

  1. At least 30k monthly pageviews
  2. At least 5000 email subscribers
  3. An audience that is demographically similar to mine, or an audience that would clearly be interested in my blog.
  4. A highly engaged following on at least one social network (preferably Pinterest, YouTube, or Facebook, Instagram).

Is that you? Then send your blog details, a screenshot of your google analytics, and your media kit (if you have one) right here.

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