I'm overwhelmed. Where should I start?

Updated 7 months ago by Jenni

Totally overwhelmed with tips, tricks, hacks, and all the things?

Don’t worry, I’ve got one SUPERSIZED article that covers it all, top to bottom.

You’ll learn how to prioritize the most important things NOW, so your sales don’t get clogged up later. Use this article to figure out where you are in your Etsy journey, and find your way forward quickly and easily.

This is an intense, 15,000+ word article that takes you through ALL THE THINGS you need to create your own paydays. This guide is so in-depth, has its own table of contents! You’ll be able to dive into this article (wherever you are in your Etsy journey) by clicking the link below:

The Ultimate Guide to Etsy

Side Effects Include: Monthly income you can trust, a well-organized business, and total clarity on where you should spend your time and money.


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