What do I get in the Tribe?

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Wanna see what's in the Tribe, and what you get with a THREE, SIX, or TWELVE month commitment?

It's all waiting for you right here.

Most people want to know if the Tribe is right for their specific circumstances, and whether it's a good time to join. Here are some goodies to help you figure out if this program is right for you…

Wanna see what other sellers have joined the Tribe? 

We've got everyone from vintage to jewelry to baby clothes, but instead listening to me BABBLING on about it…Why not just hear what it's like straight from them?

You can read full, honest reviews from sellers currently in the Tribe, including their advice on who should and should NOT join by clicking right here:

What do I get in the Tribe?

You've got lots on options in the Tribe…and you can choose from a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month commitment.

  • 3 months is best for people with a limited budget who just want the Etsy Strategy courses but no 1:1 support from me.
  • 6 months is the sweet spot -- you get all the strategy courses, AND office hours (monthly group meetings with me and other sellers so we can help each other).
  • 12 months is for the sellers who wants to make BIG changes fast. In this option, you'll get office hours AND the ability to "text an Etsy seller" for help at all hours 😊

If you want to see exactly what the portal is like and what you'll learn each month, just watch here:

The Tribe is usually full at any given time. 

We fill up FAST, usually in a week or less. The BEST way to ensure that you get a spot  is to join the Wait ListThe List gives you access to all open spots a full 2 days before the general public. You'll get emails the instant spots are open. You can grab a spot on the Wait List right here:

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