Why Etsy Shops Fail

Updated 1 month ago by Jenni

Ready to learn the SINGLE step you have to take for it to RAIN SUCCESS in the Tribe??

Yes, that’s right. I recorded you another video. This one’s in my office. You’ll be joining me, my white backdrop, and about 5 lights (yes, I WILL suffer gazillion degree temperatures just to make you a video!)

Together, we’ll talk about the thing other Etsy experts are SCARED to tell you: aka why Etsy shops FAIL. (Yup, we’re gonna eat the frog together: scariest bit first!)

Ready to scare away the Etsy goblins? Watch now:

All that goodness I talked about in the video is for Tribe member eyes only!

Sorry buttercup, but you'll have to join to get the goods!

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